The Flow of the Street Training Seminar - Rixeyville Virginia

Flow changs how your respond Flow enhances incident scene performance and management Flow enhances your performance when everyday incidents suddely turn critical Use the flow of action adventure sports athletes to change your performance on the street.

The Flow of the Street:  Sports Psychology for Street Performance

This seminar trains first responders to utilize the latest sports psychology to improve their mental mindsets during incidents.  The latest sports psychology provides simple techniques that elevate top athletes' performance to Olympic/professional levels.  These techniques support rapid improvement in performance levels across multiple critical neurological, physiological and psychological domains. 

For example, you will learn to regulate breathing, enabling you to switch from a reactionary adrenalin response during an incident to a proactive attention-based response, resulting in:
  • improved critical decision making;
  • improved situational awareness;
  • decreased reaction times; and
  • improved following of departmental training and operational SOP’s.
Documents Attached to The Flow of the Street Training Seminar:
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